Handel Lamps with Reverse Painted Shades

The most expensive and by far the most popular Handel lamps are known as painted shade lamps.  The shades are most often painted on the interior of the shade (called reverse painting), but some lamps are also decorated on the outside of the shade.

It is important to remember that these lamps were hand painted by skilled artisans working at The Handel Company.  Some shades with the same number can look very different because the same person was not painting each lamp.

When looking at Handel painted shades, you want to find something that has an 18 inch shade; these are the most valuable.  Landscape scenes are of course popular.  However, showpiece lamps are the ones worth $10,000 or more.  A showpiece is a generic term used to describe a special lamp with an unexpectedly beautiful scene.  The more artistic merit that is exhibited, the more the lamp will be worth.  Below are over 500 images of Handel lamps.  Click on the picture to more about the lamp.  Don’t forget that you can use the search feature to jump directly to the exact lamp you are researching.


  • Lamps #1517 - #6268
    Lamps #1517 - #6268
  • Lamps #6281 - #6693
    Lamps #6281 - #6693
  • Lamps #6697 - #7023
    Lamps #6697 - #7023
  • Lamps #7024 - #8516
    Lamps #7024 - #8516
  • Unnumbered Lamps
    Unnumbered Lamps

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