Selected Signatures of Handel Artists

Every Handel lamp is unique in that it is hand painted.  The factory produced thousands of lamps, which means they had dozens of workers painting for them.  Typically if a shade is signed by an artist, it will read like “Handel #### Initial. Initial.”  Some of the more important artists would use their first initial and last name; and some artists simply used a single initial.   A far from comprehensive list is seen below.  You can click on some of the names to see examples of their signature.

Edie Allard
John Bailey
A. Bauer
E. Bauer
Henry Bedigie
Gussie Bouvie
Josephine Brazeau
Peter Broggi
Theodore Burghoff
Judith Byatt
Willa Caseth
Rowena Cheney
Grace Childs
L.E. Claire
Edith H. Clark
W. Clark
Arthur W. Cunette
R. Doufler
Adolph Eydam
Mollie Flanagan
A. Fredrick
Ray Freemantle
Elliot Gardner
R. Gillern
Robert Godwin
F. Gubisch
Arthur Hall
Harry Homan
Hands Huebner
Elsie Jordan
Horace Kingsley
F. Kirsch
Pearl Lambert
Barbara Lee
Ernest C. Lewis
Florence Lewis
George Lockrow
Gustav Loehner
Lilian Mackay
Fred Matzow
H. Mayer
Emil Melchior
Jules Meyers
Corinne Norbert
Joseph Palme
Mary Palme
Albert Parlow
Carl Puffe
Gustave Reiman
Hattie Runge
Julius Runge
William Runge
F. Scranton
Margaret Sinon
George Statter
Marie Walters
Katherine Casey Welch
Walter Wilson

Click here for a images of several known Handel artist’s signatures.

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